Greetings! I'm Garret Randell, an independent game developer and 3D/2D Artist-for-hire! I currently live and work out of Vancouver, BC, where I studied for and recieved my 3D Modeling diploma from the Art Institute of Vancouver. I've been modding and poking at games since before that, though, and know my way around the Source engine, Unreal and Unity. I do most of my work in Photoshop and Maya, with a little ZBrush and Manga Studio on the side.
My contact info can be found on the side of this page, and the top and bottom of most other pages!


My Resume



One of the best ways to get my attention - @GarretRandell


Or there's e-mail! garret559@gmail.com


Skype is cool too, though a heads up on Twitter would be nice if you add me! Username: Slash559

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